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Ventaja: Taal Relief Operation

Not so long ago, the phreatic eruption of the Taal Volcano has made headlines in different media platforms. The event affected over 26,000 individuals who were housed in various evacuation centers.

Given the said situation, Ventaja responded and did its part to lend a helping hand in a bid to alleviate the living conditions of those affected by the calamity. Ventaja decided to visit Baklas Elementary School in Calaca, Batangas last January 18, 2020, Saturday.

Ventaja shared Grocery packs, Personal Hygiene Packs, Sleeping mats and blankets and Mineral Water. Ventaja encouraged employees as well to join in being active in this endeavor, volunteering and giving to others, as Ventaja believes that it also impacts the lives of their employees through experience. This is an opportunity to provide the team the chance to feel that they are a part of something special that makes a difference.

Every company has a story to tell and everyday we can write more of that story. We are adding this simple act o

f being able to enrich the lives of others in our own little way as part of our story.

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