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Ventaja International Awarded at Philhealth Stakeholders' Ceremony 2024

Ventaja International Corporation, a leading fintech firm with a remittance license from the Philippines, was honored at the Stakeholders’ Awarding Ceremony 2024, hosted by PhilHealth on February 14th at the Luxent Hotel Quezon City.

As the government's largest collection partner for SSS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth, Ventaja International Corporation has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving financial services and accessibility for Filipinos. Through its fintech solutions, Ventaja has played a crucial role in facilitating remittance transactions and ensuring timely contributions for OFWs.

The PhilHealth Award highlights Ventaja's role as a transformative force in the financial sector of the Philippines. Ventaja continues to empower individuals and communities, driving positive change for all Filipinos.

As Ventaja celebrates this prestigious accolade, it remains dedicated to advancing fintech innovation and expanding access to essential financial services. With its commitment to excellence and impact-driven initiatives, Ventaja continues to set new benchmarks for the fintech industry.

Ventaja's commitment to service excellence is further strengthened by its robust customer support system. Offering 24/7 assistance, Ventaja ensures that every transaction is smooth, and every client inquiry is promptly addressed.

For more information or inquiries about Ventaja’s services, please do not hesitate to contact their dedicated support team at


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